Friday, September 7, 2012

Middle Eighth -- Poem by Samson Koshy

Middle Eighth 

life as a song
was young and strong
like a tree that holds promise
where flowers turn to fruits
they ripe with promises
and held on to their roots

like a song that needs to move forward
to play a different tune
on a different line
like a tree that holds its ground
and feels it change
over time

life reaches its middle eighth
a contrast to what it sounds
with its feet still planted on the ground
feels time's weight

as time goes by
a different young, a different strong
still holding its roots
still singing its song.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) Samson Samuel Koshy

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pen and Paper -- Song/Poem by Samson Koshy

Pen and Paper 

Staring down at the still pond
A glance at where I started
with so few words to be found
A while since pen and paper parted

As tired leaves caress the stillness
slowly blending with the light.
As fire that breathes beneath the stillness
like darkness in the light.

But if I ever lose my memory
I will listen to this melody
and the words that flow into my ears
like bright stars through my fears

And the shadows of love and peace
woven together as a single piece
Flowing through pen to paper
before words turn to vapor

Thank you Pen and Paper
for the stories you put together
for the sunshine in your words
for the rainbow in your verse

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) Samson Samuel Koshy

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lilies -- Poem by Samson Koshy


Evil in my bones
with painful moans
in vicodin and morphine
gates of death to be seen.

Once upon a time, was scared
in a time like now, prepared.
Ready to open the door
Ready to face the core

In times like these
as life takes a twist.
When life could take away the keys
and leave a list.

Death in fresh air
Fresh breath after Death's air;
it suddenly feels light
a new heart with light

Everyone has their demons
Everyone has their limit,
remaining shining beacons
to the very last minute.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) Samson Samuel Koshy

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sometimes -- Song by Samson Koshy


Sometimes I want to tell you
Sometimes I try it the other way
Sometimes I want to tell you why
But there is really no.. Anyway

You know exactly what I mean
With every word that I write so keen
It'as got the meaning into your heart
But now that we're far apart
I can't refrain

Sometimes I want to pop up
Right in front of your little door
And when I say Hello to you
You don't welcome me in home

What do I do
I don't understand
I want to hold you hand in hand
You make the feeling dignified
When you have been on my side
I can't go back

Coz you know this kind of feeling
That gets into my heart
And you know this type of feeling
That I feel
And you know that I feel so good
When you have been on my side
That's when I feel so inspired
All the time.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) Samson Samuel Koshy - Aug 1983

Friday, January 23, 2009

Third -- Poem by Samson Koshy


Do rain drops know they will be back up in the clouds ?
Why would they need to worry?
Their life is a cloud of hurry.

If we know our future
As we live in our suburb
We'd know our mental butchers
And the ones we disturb

Like every system needs a shock
To either miss what was good
Or to either embrace the good
Likewise our sensors will flock
Creating a harmonious mood
A sense of realization we could

We are born to be aligned
And then be out of line
To then be aligned
That's the fine line.
Just like the planets and stars
We need to wobble
Our internal gravity starts
And does its deed so noble
This is the fabric of our being
Like space-time is to believing.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) Samson Samuel Koshy

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Greatest - Poem by Samson Koshy


Some written thoughts
A woven relationship
the paper lost
A stronger relationship.
A sense of willingness
The power of love
Creating newness
And the power to love.
An adventure
A hope for the future
To hope and faith
For the greatest is Love.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) 2009 Samson Samuel Koshy

Infinity - Poem by Samson Koshy


If everything was certain
Nothing would exist
When it's uncertain
Creativity exists
and choices exists.
And from creativity
Comes eternity
And from choices
Comes destiny.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) 2009 Samson Samuel Koshy

Heavenly -- Poem By Samson Koshy


Jupiter and Venus,
they have seen us.
Two eyes that shine
with the crescent moon;
that smiles down while we dine
not a moment too soon.
A rare smile
seen from many miles,
the heavens shining light
giving power and wisdom
As our hearts reflect the light
in our own kingdom.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) 2009 Samson Samuel Koshy

Couple - Poem by Samson Koshy


Pouring one's heart out 
Before the night is out
Resolving issues before dawn
Fire when the lights are gone
The crux of a relationship
Is every line above
And every line in between
The heart of a relationship 
Is about caring, giving and love
And every act in between.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) 2009 Samson Samuel Koshy

Purple -- By Samson Koshy


What is it about purple?
It's red and bold.
It's blue and cold.
like everyone has one true color,
does it make the meaning fuller?
Is it about the basic things,
one cares and thinks?
Is it the shades we dribble?
Like the trees may change color
for different seasons;
We may change our colors
for different reasons !

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) 2009 Samson Samuel Koshy

Belief - Poem by Samson Koshy


Air we cannot see but feel,
the medium of music that heals,
the winds that show direction;
showing the clues of our afflictions,
that always talks in tunes,
helping us find our peace,
tunes us to our love of that,
lease us a second coming.
For what we cannot believe,
we feel.
For what we feel
we believe.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright (c) 2009 Samson Samuel Koshy

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time -- By Samson Koshy

Where did time come from ?
What is the New Year without time ?
Isn't time impartial ?
Does time really care ?
It keeps us in perspective.
Everyone's clock is offset
by their personal touch.
Time has no rhyme or rhythm
like this poem.
But it keeps moving forward from a point
and every point in time 
can be your starting point.
That's the beauty of time.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2008 Samson Samuel Koshy

Monday, December 8, 2008

Imagine - Poem by Samson Koshy

To be free and open
to your lover your friend
to be comfortable and to pen
what you share till the end
to your lover your friend,
Is like seeing all you imagine
Take a life of it's own
Where you are in this ride
On a journey
you have yet to imagine.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2008 Samson Samuel Koshy

Morning Tea - Poem by Samson Koshy

The morning tea is quiet
Hot and refreshing
Soft and comforting
Helps handle the daily riots
When the cup is over
It stays with you
till the day is over

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2008 Samson Samuel Koshy

Friday, December 5, 2008

Understanding - Poem by Samson Koshy

Understanding is like new birth
of knowledge and wisdom,
Keeps one grounded to the earth
And does expand one's kingdom.
Understanding brings peace
And the truth of right and wrong.
It irons out the mental creases
And keeps one's heart strong.
Understanding is new earth
A new focus for what it's worth.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2008 Samson Samuel Koshy

Picture - Poem by Samson Koshy

A picture says a lot of words ,
Our eyes see a story,
Our deeds bring in the context ,
And the future we foresee.
Remembering the contents,
Trying to picture the words,
Thoughts are felt,
Something that would never melt.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2008 Samson Samuel Koshy

Monday, December 1, 2008

Remembrance - Poem by Samson Koshy

A parent's love
Will stay in our memory,
Reminding us of what we were
And what we have become.

A friend who can love
Who shares many memories,
Reminds how beautiful we are
And what we have overcome.

You are beautiful
and will always be to me.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2008 Samson Samuel Koshy

Friday, September 5, 2008

Light - Poem By Samson Koshy


I can see you clearly now,
I can see your heart is genuine
as pure light, it has all the colors that make you
it is a reflection of others that love you

I can see a new person
I can see a new beginning,
Yes, I can see what you have endured,
what you have overcome,
your journey, your life, your smile,
I can see from a mile.

I can see what has to be learned,
I can see the future
I can see new colors
It's a celebration of creation.
I can see the real you,
and whenever I do
my heart shines with light,
It's my humble celebration of Light

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2008  Samson Samuel Koshy

Beauty - Poem By Samson Koshy


Lay it on the line
on a table with candle, bread and wine,
beauty can only be imagined, as it takes you on a tangent.
It is full of truth though it may be ugly,
it is the root that soothes
and holds ones character snugly.
There is beauty to each of the senses
and there is beauty in every sense,
some of it is shallow and hollow,
and a little of it is inspiring and hard to swallow.
True beauty is rare if you feel it don't leave it bare,
coz it is hard to come by,
like a shooting star in a night sky.
Love, compassion and selfless acts
all folded to a pack,
may not be something to love
if it was not of a heart like up above.
Though it is lame even if you are to be the blame,
the truth you hold in duty,
will shape you in being bold with beauty.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2007  Samson Samuel Koshy

Life - Poem by Samson Koshy


Life is not a four letter word,
dive in and fly like a bird.
Life in all it’s glory remains an untold story
with twists and turns and many things to learn
from hearts that have emotion to love and devotion,
even when you feel the burn
life is something one wants to yearn.
Though there is nothing rosy in it,
even though you think you have completely seen it,
there will always be some mystery,
even though you know all of history.
Sometimes hard to understand,
in this ever changing world we have at hand,
where somethings evolve
to where somethings dissolve.
Life is like a cycle with no beginning and no end,
it is cynical, yet fulfilling at every bend.
In all it’s glory as an untold story,
somethings should be left unsaid ,
to appreciate life as it is said.

Samson Samuel Koshy
Copyright ©2007 Samson Samuel Koshy